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Facing a divorce and encountering challenges in the sale of your property? Are you a landlord in the process of divesting your property? Dealing with the sale of an inherited estate due to a loss? I am at your service.

Do not hesitate to contact me today, and allow me to facilitate and streamline your journey. Your concerns are of utmost importance, and I am here to provide assistance in navigating these intricate processes.

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Shirley Floyd

If you are seeking an experienced real estate investor with a wealth of knowledge, Richard Darden is the ideal man for you! He is a family man with a caring heart. And he is a wonderful and great person to work with. Richard encouraged me to join his mentoring class which inspired me to begin my very on wholesale investing career. I owe all of my success to him! Richard is hard working, responsive and true to his word. I am so blessed to have such a professional role model like him in my corner!


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